Thursday, November 13, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - How to Cut an Onion

The good news is that I survived the knife skills class without injury! There was one close call, but I made it through unscathed. There was only one minor injury at our table and bandages were close at hand.

As expected, I learned that I don't have much proper knife wielding technique, but now I have some tips that will be helpful in my future culinary adventures. The best part of the class, and the focus of this gratitude post, was learning how to dice an onion without a chopper tool or the handy dandy Grundig hand blender my mother got for me (truly an amazing tool).

I tend to get frustrated when dicing an onion by hand - the onion falls apart, the pieces slip across the cutting board, nothing resembling diced pieces result. But now? Now I know how to do it. I thought about doing a step-by-step tutorial of sorts, but then, in a continuing attempt to avoid injury (and embarrassment at my lack of photography skills), I thought it better to share this video.

The only difference in her technique and what we learned last night is to put the tip of the knife into the onion to puncture it each time to start each of the initial slices. I only add that because it seemed to work well in class. Happy dicing!

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