Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Scare Your Husband with One Sentence

B called today for our usual lunchtime check-in. After the usual hellos/how are yous, I said, "Guess where I am?" After he guessed incorrectly, I said "I'm in the baby aisle at Kmart." His immediate response? "RUN! QUICKLY! GO!" I'm so grateful for a husband who makes me laugh and who laughs with me.

I have to admit I was a bit clueless trying to figure out which bottles were the best for new babies, then getting to the other side of the store and realizing I had to buy the nipples separately. Back to the baby aisle, where I had to choose between slow, medium and fast flow. WHAT? This was further complicated by the fact that I'm sending these bottles to another country, so who knows how old and at what stage the babies will be by the time the boxes arrive. Maybe I should also send sippy cups.

Although I'm much more comfortable and adept in other departments of the store, it was fun to find cute clothes for boy babies, even though I definitely think baby girl clothes have the corner on cute.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The First Step

Harriet here. I promised myself I'd become more disciplined and do more personal writing in 2012. Since the end of January is fast approaching, I thought I should at least write an introductory post.

Not sure how I'll fill my tiny corner of the web. Observations, memories, book reviews, daily happenings, deep thoughts, questions, humor ... probably a bit of all those and more. Unlike Harriet the Spy, I won't write unkind things about anyone and I promise I won't be eating tomato sandwiches!

Welcome to Harriet's Notebook.